Speed up file transfer and reduce friction in day-to-day work

Say goodbye to email attachment limits, failed transfers and inconvenient procedures

Large file transfer

Large file transfer has long been a headache: mail attachment limits, inconvenient, segregated services, flaky VPNs… With Æoncase, just drop a file in a synced folder to send it.

Large files are sent in chunks, and when a file is modified only the differences are transferred, saving both bandwidth and system load.

Transfers are resumed automatically when interrupted, so that you can keep working even with a flaky connection. Data integrity is ensured using cryptographic digests.

Speed, lots of it

Within your LAN, file sync is much faster than with public cloud services.

Æoncase moreover uses multiple techniques to speed up transfer of both huge files and large amounts of small files.

Æoncase uses multiple transfer strategies depending on file sizes and types (concurrent transfers, pipelining, batch transfers…), as well as:

  • resumable file transfer with source-based deduplication: when a large file is modified, only the changes are transferred

  • parallel sync with operation reordering: unlike other tools, there are no separate phases for syncing in each direction

  • file prioritization: a large video being uploaded does not block your work on a spreadsheet or a text document

Direct sync between devices

If needed, sync your folders directly without central backup.

Great for transferring large raw media files, scientific data, digital assets in design and marketing agencies…

Not all data is worth preserving centrally – sometimes you just need file sync between two devices, for example when working with generated or intermediate/temporary files.

Choose on a folder basis whether the data is to be saved in the Æoncase Sync Appliance, or only synced between the devices you’re working on.

On-demand Sync

Use Selective Sync to choose the files you want to access on your computer.

Double-click on the placeholders to download any file, without having to wait for a whole folder to be synced.

Server-assisted direct sync

No need to have your devices connected at the same time, even when doing direct sync.

File transfer between your computers at home and in the office is no longer a problem!

In folders with centralized storage and backup disabled, the Sync Appliance can assist in the transfer, removing the need to have both the sending and receiving devices connected at a time.
Secure connections

Data in transit is secured with industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) using strong ciphersuites with Perfect Forward Secrecy.

Moreover, the Sync Appliance uses a private, unique root Certificate Authority (CA) to prevent global PKI attacks.

Unlike common sync services oriented to home users, the Æoncase Sync Appliance does not rely on the global Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and will instead use its own private root CA. This strengthens security by preventing a number of attacks related to the certificates used to secure the connection.