Deploy your private Sync Appliance in minutes

Run it even without public IP address, DNS domain or SSL certificate. The Sync Appliance works also behind home routers and NAT.

Choose the best way to deploy your Sync Appliance

The VM is the easiest way for less technical users to deploy the Sync Appliance on any operating system – run directly with Virtualbox, VMware or Hyper‑V hypervisors.

Use the Docker image on Linux Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS systems, gaining more control if you are experienced in system administration.

The VM comes fully configured and will only ask you for the admin account credentials before ev­ery­thing is set-up and running, including online access with a personal domain.

Pick the .OVA image with the right size for you

Why does size matter?
The virtual disk in the VM is backed by a file in your disk which will grow in size as data is added to the appliance up to the maximum virtual disk size. At that point the appliance is "full" and no more data can be added unless you configure remote storage or free space by purging files.

Docker image for Linux systems, tested on Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS.

Only needs the password for the admin account. Our best time when installing from scratch on a fresh system is 77 seconds, try to beat it.

curl -sSL | sudo bash
The above command will install Docker automatically if needed.

Optionally, provide the hostname or IP address the server will use (and the ports if different from the standard HTTP(S) ports), as well as a X.509 certificate for the web service – the Sync Appliance will use a private, unique root Certificate Authority for sync.

Need more details? Take a look at the admin manual.

Check out the online demo to see the Sync Appliance in action.

Easy administration

The Sync Appliance updates itself with no user intervention, and no service disruption: no lengthy and risky database migrations required.

Security updates are delivered automatically via a secure system based on The Update Framework, and multiple versions of the appliance are retained to enable immediate rollbacks if there is any problem.
Strengthened environment

Sync Appliance services run in isolated containers with an un-priviledged user with limited permissions.

The attack surface can be further reduced by disabling non-critical operations on stored data with larger security footprints like image processing.