Convenient file sync, backup, and sharing

Keep your workflow

Unlike Dropbox and similar services, with Æoncase you can sync and back up your existing folder structure. There’s no single “magic folder”. Any folder can be synced, even on removable drives.

If you detach the disk, sync will be paused, and it will resume automatically when you reattach it.
Correct mistakes and move on

Yes, mistakes and accidents do happen. Recover from accidental overwrites or deletion easily with Æoncase’s unlimited file versioning.

Global backup and point-in-time recovery

Recover multiple files or whole folders at once. Æoncase saves a global snapshot of your synced folder after every change. Browse your folders at any point in the past with Æoncase’s Time Travel.

Perfect for projects with interlinked files (such as web sites or source code), and a strong line of defense against “cryptolocker”-style malware!

Sync can be a two-edged sword. Indeed, the same way your regular work is propagated, so will your mistakes and the effects of viruses or malware. File versioning allows you to recover any single file, but when you need to restore or revert more than one file at once, Æoncase’s Time Travel kicks in.

Every time you make a change, the Æoncase Sync Appliance saves a snapshot of the whole project. You can easily navigate all past snapshots and recover or revert several files (or whole folders) at once.

On-demand Sync

Use Selective Sync to choose the files you want to access on your computer.

Double-click on the placeholders to download any file, without having to wait for a whole folder to be synced.

Direct sync between devices

If needed, sync your folders directly without central backup.

Great for transferring large raw media files, scientific data, digital assets in design and marketing agencies…

Not all data is worth preserving centrally – sometimes you just need file sync between two devices, for example when working with generated or intermediate/temporary files.

Choose on a folder basis whether the data is to be saved in the Æoncase Sync Appliance, or only synced between the devices you’re working on.

Server-assisted direct sync

No need to have your devices connected at the same time, even when doing direct sync.

File transfer between your computers at home and in the office is no longer a problem!

In folders with centralized storage and backup disabled, the Sync Appliance can assist in the transfer, removing the need to have both the sending and receiving devices connected at a time.
Universal access

Access your files with any web browser no matter where you are, even in folders using direct sync without centralized storage.

When you request a file to the web server, the Sync Appliance will contact the computer that holds it and deliver it right to you!
Speed, lots of it

Within your LAN, file sync is much faster than with public cloud services.

Æoncase moreover uses multiple techniques to speed up transfer of both huge files and large amounts of small files.

Æoncase uses multiple transfer strategies depending on file sizes and types (concurrent transfers, pipelining, batch transfers…), as well as:

  • resumable file transfer with source-based deduplication: when a large file is modified, only the changes are transferred

  • parallel sync with operation reordering: unlike other tools, there are no separate phases for syncing in each direction

  • file prioritization: a large video being uploaded does not block your work on a spreadsheet or a text document

Collaboration and sharing

Use a single service for collaboration both within your organization and external partners, customers and vendors.

Sync files with granular permissions (such as read-only access), and share them with secure links usable on any web browser.

Publicly shared files cannot be modified, keeping the original safe from any tampering.

Receive data from third parties

Create inboxes where third parties can send you files with any web browser. Get them delivered on your devices.

Each inbox is associated with a folder – simply sync it in your device, and you’ll have the files delivered right where you want on your local disk. You can place restrictions on the inboxes: deadlines, file size, number of uploads…
Extra protection

For additional security, enable client-side file encryption on a folder basis. The client encrypts files before sending them to your Sync Appliance, on top of the standard encryption used in the secure connection.

Only other clients with the encryption key can access them.

Encryption keys are transferred directly via the client using a secure process with two-fold security that ensures privacy even if your server were compromised.

It is not possible to access the contents of these files without the client-held key, even for the Sync Appliance admin.

Conflict management

Æoncase detects and flags file edit conflicts by keeping conflicting versions and allows you to resolve them.

Smart reconciliation prevents conflicts where a file is edited on a device and renamed in another.