1. Introduction

The Æoncase Sync Appliance is a tightly integrated file sharing and storage solution that allows you to keep control over your organization’s data without relinquishing security and privacy to external “public cloud” providers. It features best-in-class file sync, advanced storage, transfer and collaboration capabilities. Æoncase Sync Appliance users can:

  • sync any number of folders anywhere on their system across devices
  • sync their files, with folder-level access permissions, with other users
  • perform ad-hoc collaboration with partners external to the organization, who are given restricted access for minimal impact on the system and its security
  • perform point-in-time recovery of whole folders at once
  • transfer files securely with end-to-end encryption (i.e., with client-held encryption keys, unknown to the server)
  • receive files from third parties directly into the folder(s) of their choice via an online interface
  • share files and folders using web links
  • access and manipulate their files as well as those shared with them via the integrated web application
  • access their files with any WebDAV client

The Æoncase sync clients support Windows, OSX and Linux operating systems.

1.1. Administration role

The appliance is designed to require minimal configuration; it can be deployed from scratch in a couple minutes.

Administration is essentially performed within the application using the administrator account.