Regain control
over your data
Secure, self-hosted file sync, backup and sharing
Install for free

Easy as 1-2-3

Download and run the Sync Appliance
Docker image on Linux Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora, or VM on any OS
Create the admin account in your Sync Appliance Setup complete!
Your Appliance is ready and usable online Share and receive files online.
Install the client to sync & backup the files on your devices (Windows, macOS, Linux)
Works behind NAT, even without public static IP, DNS domain or SSL certificate

Boost your workflow

Your work synced at once in all your devices.

Sync folders anywhere on disk, even on external drives.

Share and receive files easily on the web.

Create guest accounts to collaborate with third parties.

Never lose data

Your data is backed up instantaneously.

Recover deleted files and past versions with unlimited versioning.

Restore whole folders at once with point-in-time recovery.

Your data is nobody else's business

Privacy by design: your data stays in your servers.

Data encrypted at rest and in transfer.

Keep your valuable data safe

Control access with granular permissions.

Extra security with end-to-end client-side encryption.

I used to use DXXXXXX. I now know better: the "cloud" means somebody else's computer. With all the privacy & security issues in the news, I can no longer entrust my data to it.
They said I could install it in 73 seconds with something called Docker. I don't use that so I went for the VM image with Virtualbox. My connection is not that fast and I needed 3 minutes to download it, but I nonetheless got it running and configured in less than 5 minutes!

Get the Sync Appliance for individuals and small teams.

Solo & Home

Get the Sync Appliance for business.


Keep your data yours.
Install the Sync Appliance on your servers.
Privacy and security by design.

Robust, high-performance sync

Configurable selective sync and optional device-to-device sync without centralized storage.

Parallel file transfer and smart prioritization.

Efficient data transfer with source deduplication (binary deltas).

Superior performance within your LAN.

Easy deployment and administration

Deploy your Sync Appliance within minutes.

Secure online access, sync, and email notifications working out of the box, even without static IP, DNS domain or SSL certificate.

Automatic updates with no downtime.


LDAP/AD integration and simplified user provisioning.

Manage per-user storage quotas and control access permissions.

Allow collaboration with restricted, external "guest" users.